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How To Handle Negative Press

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If you’re a business owner, you know that their are many obstacles you will face during the course of your career. One thing that is popular today is leaving customer feedback on websites or even telling your experiences with a business through social media. Many consumers use this as a guide when picking out the right business to trust for products or services. When bad feedback is associated with your company, it affects your chances of increasing your customer base.


In an article about negative feedback and press, it discusses how a business professional should handle the situation. It’s important to not jump into an Internet argument with this client. You will end up looking like the bad guy, and completely unprofessional. Don’t forget that you still have loyal customers who count on your products and services so stay open for business. Get support from your friends and family, whether it’s just emotional or promoting your business. Keep the customers you already have engaged by offering incentives as a thank you for their frequent business. And most importantly, keep in mind that you started this business for a reason, and that you can move on from this.


If you find yourself in a situation where buzz continues to swirl about your business due to negative articles or feedback, you do have an option: This website can clean up negative information about your business so that when it is searched on the web, only the positive things come up, this giving you a greater chance at gaining more customers. Besides, once the negativity is gone, you can focus on the improvement of your business.
The great thing about is that you no longer have to worry about more and more people seeing the bad press. You can finally move on from this and look to your future success and how to engage new customers into trusting your business. Seeing positive feedback allows potential customers to trust that you make your customers happy and they will be more likely to choose you. Don’t let any customers slip away- contact them!

Andy Wirth Announces Plans for Gondola Connecting Alpine Meadows to Squaw Valley

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Andy Wirth recently announced plans to construct a fully functional gondola that connects squaw Valley ski resort and its sister resort, Alpine Meadows. Although the two resorts have been separated for a long time, due to culture and ownership, this changed when KSL Capital Partners bought Alpine Meadows. KSL Capital Partners also owns Squaw Valley. The deal was announced by Squaw Valley CEO, Andy Wirth, after they reached an agreement with one Troy Caldwell. Cardwell is the owner of White Wolf, the name of the land located between the resorts. Read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia
The gondola to be built will make it easier for skiers to access both resorts easily without having to drive to each separately. The new agreement with Caldwell has allowed the project to go ahead since it would otherwise have been quite difficult to build the gondola without the consent of Caldwell. The gondola will border Caldwell’s property on the western edge. Another part of the gondola will also pass through land under the U.S. Forest Service.

Squaw Valley has asked for public support from the local community to allow for the construction of the gondola without any problems. The resort is planning to submit its plans for the gondola to both U.S. Forest Service and also Placer County. In an interview with Mike Rogge from Powder, Andy Wirth revealed that the plans to build a gondola were already in place even before his arrival at Squaw Valley.

#He added that his friendship with Troy Caldwell was instrumental in helping the proposed plans to become a reality. He said that there was no point in using litigation and lawyers to get things done. Rather, it was important for Squaw Valley to work together with its neighbors to achieve success. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth has 25 years of experience working in the hotel business. He has specialized in running mountain resorts and currently is the president and Chief Executive Officer for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He received his BS degree in Colorado State University. He also attended Edinburgh University located in Scotland. Wirth is keen in philanthropy and taking part in community service. Today, he is married to Karen deRidder. He has three children.

Op-ed first published on Powder Magazine:

George Soros Has A Discussion With Politico About

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George Soros is an amazing investor who has strong opinions about the world economy. He has been outspoken because of a lot of things in the past, and he sees the same things that happened in 2008 happening again in 2015 and 2016. The world economy could be on the verge of collapse, and George Soros wants everyone to pay attention to what is happening, and he is hoping that someone will take charge of the situation. He talked to Politico about the things he thinks are the same as 2008, and he is pushing for better leadership in the EU and China.

The conditions in 2008 were pretty bad because the US economy was in a tailspin, and that is something that is being replicated in 2015 and 2016. The Chinese are having terrible problems with the yuan currency, and they are looking for ways to protect the currency. They are trying to find a better economic growth plan, but George Soros does not think that the Chinese are moving fast enough.
Read more: George Soros Has A Discussion With Politico About

He is very concerned about how the Chinese are going to improve their economy, and he thinks that people are going to be able to invest in China again only after the Chinese figure out what to do. There are a lot of people who want to be able to use the Chinese yuan to invest, and they are going to be able to invest again in city growth that is not going to stop any time soon.

George Soros is also really concerned about how the Europeans will handle their own crises. The people who are migrating to Europe need to have places to go, and problems cannot be left to stew like the Greek debt crisis. The Greek problem alone could have defeated the EU, and it was important for the EU to move faster. George Soros has been talking about how Angela Merkel can help lead Europe, and he thinks that the EU can be saved if she is willing to take a stand on the issues that are the most important.

There are other things that need to be taken care of if George Soros is going to take China and the EU seriously. He is already helping Hilary Clinton attempt to win the presidency in America, and he wants to see strong progressives in office who will help with these problems. He wants to see the EU be more progressive, and he hopes that China will become more progressive out of necessity. The world economy can be saved if people are listening to George Soros, and he is the greatest voice of reason on economic policy as the global economy repeats trends from 2008.

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