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Whistleblowers At The SEC Are Protected By Labaton Sucharow

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The SEC relies on whistleblowers every year to get information on people and companies that are doing wrong. They have to find something that will help them make their case, but they cannot get anything to make a case unless they are sure that they have someone who will cooperate. Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that specializes in this, and they will help protect their clients when they are ready to testify. The clients are in a bad position, and they need to be sure that they can talk safely about what is going on.

Labaton Sucharow knows how to handle the case so that all the information has been given to them, and then they will work with the government to be sure that they have the chance to get what they want. There are many people who are trying to get the help that they need so that they can get the award for the case. Dodd Frank helps people get up to 10% of the money they help recover, but they need to have a law firm that will make their lives easier.

The law firm at Labaton Sucharow will show them that they can be safe when they are testifying, and they are trying to remember that they can use that money to move on with their lives. They have to be sure that they have gotten the things that they need, and they are ready to change their lives for the better. Changing their lives is easy because Labaton Sucharow will help them get a new job, and Labaton Sucharow will send them the award that is presented by the government. Negotiating with the government is a very hard thing to do, and that is why people need Labaton Sucharow to show them the way.

Anyone who has evidence against a company has to be sure that they have really thought about what can be done to stay safe in the process. They need to walk away with money that Labaton Sucharow got for them, and they need representation in court. The whistleblower is safer when they have a SEC whistleblower lawyer who knows what to do.

Mike Baur Wants to Increase Swiss Innovation

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Recently, Mike Baur granted an interview to about the founding of his company Swiss Start-up Factory. He was gracious enough to come to their studio personally for an interview in front of a green screen. Before founding Swiss Start up Factory, Mike worked in banking for 20 years which he felt passed by very quickly. Then when he turned 40 years old he felt the need to do something different with his life. The traditional world of private banking was no longer fulfilling for Mike because he realized he was a nontraditional person. At that time, Mike got in touch with his entrepreneurial spirit and that brought him to the next step in his life.


The host of the show asked Mike why he used the term “factory” in his company. Mike said it is because he wants to “manufacture” new companies by shaping them from the early stages to the finish. He has created a streamlined process for creating new companies that begin at the proof of concept level. Mike also chose the name factory to inspire people to work hard. He feels that young generations of people are spoiled and feel entitled to a good life even if they don’t do any work. He hopes they will adjust their attitude, pull up their metaphorical sleeves, and work with him and his company. Mike feels his incubator is unique from all the others in the market. Swiss Start-up Factory is a full invested company. Mike risks his own money because he truly believes in what he is doing. He is also not beholden to other investors because he is independent and the ability to steer the company in whatever direction he wants is a big advantage over other companies.


Mike thinks that Switzerland is the most innovative company in the world, but that it hast not lived up to its potential in recent years. This lack of recent innovation is a problem that Mike hopes to address through Swiss Start-up Factory. He wants to have people in Switzerland to work together so that Swiss companies can gain traction in international markets. There are many wealthy Swiss people who are eager to invest if the right opportunity is presented to them. Mike wants to tap into this potential and bring about a change those benefits his entire nation. Mike learned a great deal over the years from watching other great Swiss entrepreneurs and he hopes to emulate their success.

Ins and Outs Of Medicare Advantage Plans And Physician Practice Services: InnovaCare Health, A Renowned Medicare Advantage Plans Provider

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The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 provided the platform for the creation of Medicare Advantage Plans. In a nutshell, Medicare Advantage Plan was chiefly designed to enable private carriers, for example, InnovaCare Health, United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross and other healthcare providers to formulate healthcare plans intended for people using Original Medicare. The Medicare Advantage Plans would be tailored to cover services provided by Original Medicare together with improved benefits like preventive care, dental care, hearing, and vision.

These Medical Advantage Plan come with extra supports for the elderly to assist cut back on the overall medical expenses. Specifically, this plan is 17% subsidy on top of 80% catered for by Original Medicare.

Qualifications for Medicare Advantage Plans

One must possess Part A Original Medicare
An individual must continue paying for Part B Original Medicare
The individual must be residing in a plan service region
An individual must not have End Stage Renal Disease when enrolling
Before signing up for a Medicare Advantage Plan, it’s imperative that you know the different Plan Networks available. Most people, especially seniors tend to buy medical plans based on pricing only to end up spending more on medical services. The available networks include:

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Healthcare Maintenance Organization Networks (HMO)
They tend to have the least network of providers due to the limited number of hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare facilities. When under this network, coinsurance and copayments would apply. Getting treatment from a doctor, from the facility and hospitalization is restricted to HMO network. Upfront authorization must be granted to see a specialist in the HMO network. In case you get attention out of the network, you’ll cater for the full out-of-pocket charges. This network is considered the most restrictive but is convenient if you don’t desire to change doctors and healthcare facilities.

Preferred Provider Organizations Networks (PPO)
This has a wider network of hospitals, doctors and healthcare facilities meaning it would offer far more alternatives compared to the smaller HMO Network. In this network, coinsurance and copayments apply. You’re at liberty to engage any doctor in the network. Hospitalization must be from hospitals under the network. Upfront authorization is needed to see a doctor. Seeking services out of the PPO network attracts out-of-pocket charges of up to 30%. Some PPO networks encompass their prescription drug program, for instance, Medicare part D. This network enables you to enjoy services all over the state but within the PPO network.

Private Fee for Service Network (PFFS)

This network consists of the largest network of hospitals, doctors, and Medicare facilities. In this network, coinsurance and copayments apply. You’re at liberty to seek services of any approved doctor; any Medicare-approved hospital and facility and you can seek Medicare out of the network. You don’t need upfront authorization before seeing a specialist.

One of the renowned providers of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services is the InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto is the Managing Director and President of InnovaCare since its sale in 2008 until the sale in 2012. He continues to be the CEO of InnovaCare branch in Puerto Rico.

Penelope Kokkinides is presently serving as InnovaCare Chief Administrative Officer after rejoining the firm in 2015. She used to be the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc and InnovaCare, Inc also as Vice President of Clinical Operations. Her 20-year wealth of experience in the industry makes him a prime figure at InnovaCare.

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Recap: DIY School Supplies

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In her most recent video, YouTube blogger Wengie shows viewers how to make fun DIY school supplies.


First, she shows how to make a rainbow highlighter. She colors the corners of a yellow highlighter with pink and blue highlighters. Then she makes an ombre highlighter by coloring a pink highlighter with blue and then dipping it in water to make the colors blend together better.


Next Wengie shows how to personalize pencils by wrapping them in colorful washi tape. She then shows how to make boring pens colorful. She combines water and glue and coats the barrel of the pen. She then adds colored glitter to make it pretty.


Wengie’s next idea is to make a rainbow quill pen. She paints a feather, then cuts off the end and inserts a pen. She then suggests coloring plain staples with Sharpies to make them look more fun. Wengie then uses an exacto knife to cut the center out of a cute eraser to make it into a USB drive holder.


Her next DIY shows how to make shavings catchers for pencil sharpeners. The first is made from a Tic Tac container. The second is a painted condiment container made to look like a Starbucks cup. She then shows how to bend a paperclip into a heart shape to make it cuter.


Next, she glues a magnet to a pencil cup to make a surface to stick paper clips to so you don’t lose them in your desk drawers. Then Wengie suggests putting fun washi tape on plain folder dividers to personalize them. She notes that you can reuse them later because you can just peel off the washi tape labels after the semester is over.


She then creates a notebook organizer page. She puts all sizes of sticky notes and flags on a piece of cardboard and hole-punches it to fit into the binder. Her final hack is to put a layer of chalkboard paint on the front of your notebook so you can decorate it.

The Avi Weisfogel New York Rangers Hockey Camp

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Avi spends an appropriate amount of his time trying to dedicate himself to seeking and finding solutions that are dedicated towards dentistry and sleep solutions that are related to dentistry. Avi Weisfogel is a great fan of hockey and enjoys watching and participating in sports events. He is now art and parcel of the New York Rangers Hockey Team. The team is set to host the hockey camp for the youths as well as their smaller group of fans.

The hockey camp is also part of the go skate program team that is seeking to educate and training children and inspire those children that have a good interest in that particular sport. Every year this program combines efforts to reach more than ten thousand children in the New York region.

The camp that has been planned for 206 will see a week-long training effort and opportunity for the children and youth and all the players in general between the age of seven and fifteen. The sessions will also occur in the month of July and August at the headquarters of the team training facility. The training is set to run from 8_00 am in the morning to evening at 5:00 pm each and every day of the two months. The camp has also pledged to have the learners trained in an age appropriate program that is set for every individual according to their age set. There will be training for the Alumni Rangers, the coaching staff, as well as the professionals in the locality. The students will also be awarded a chance to train and meet with the pro-Rangers players during this period.

Avi weisfogel has a vast experience in treating patients with sleep conditions since his very beginning of his dentist career. Avi, in his early life, had a exquisite interest in business and marketing, and this made him join many marketing organizations offered in dentistry. Avi ventured carefully into the forums but could not succeed at marketing full mouth rehabs and also implants. He, therefore, decided on a strategy to engage himself in seeking sleep solutions for his patients that brought all the success he has been waiting.

InnovaCare Health: Providing Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries With High Quality Cared

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Medicare Advantage is a government program that pays for medical care for elderly Americans. The program offers the same benefits as original Medicare, but with Medicare Advantage patients can receive their medical treatment at InnovaCare Health and other private medical facilities. Their care is paid for through PPOs, HMOs and other managed care programs offered by private insurance companies. The Medicare Advantage program is open to all original Medicare patients. A growing number of Medicare recipients are switching to Medicare Advantage because they like having access to out of network physicians and medical facilities for their healthcare services.

InnovaCare is among North America’s leading providers of managed healthcare services. The privately help company manages a vast network of physicians and facilities from its headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Through this network InnovaCare Health provides Medicare Advantage beneficiaries with patient-centered care built on strong doctor-patient relationships. The company’s goal is to provide quality medical care that will enhance Medicare Advantage beneficiaries’ quality of life. They do this by using leading physicians, cutting-edge medical technology and innovative medical practices.

A great deal of InnovaCare Health’s success is due to the incredible leadership of CEO Dr. Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides. Each of these healthcare professionals brings more than 20 years of leadership in the healthcare industry to their jobs. Together they’ve been able to mold InnovaCare Health into a managed healthcare services leader while controlling costs and continuing to grow the company. Their ability, creativity and experience has enabled the company to meet the criteria of the Medicare Advantage program and the diverse needs of their patients.

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Dr. Richard Shinto was President and CEO of the healthcare company Aveta Inc. before taking over at InnovaCare Health. An experienced an internist and pulmonologist, Dr. Shinto was also CMO for NAMM California, CMO and COO at Medical Pathways Management Company, MedPartners Vice President of Medical Management and CMO at Cal Optima Health Plan. His MBA gives him a unique perspective on healthcare management.

InnovaCare Health CAO Penelope Kokkinides has been a specialist in managed care and government healthcare programs for over 20 years. She also has extensive experience developing clinical programs, improving inefficiencies and managing healthcare operations. She also previously held leadership positions at several healthcare companies before moving to InnovaCare Health.

Their combined skills, experience and leadership style has propelled InnovaCare to the head of the American managed care industry.

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The Importance of Constant Updates For Online Reputation Management

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When it comes to online reputation management, people do depend a lot of firms to provide the management services. However, a lot of it can be done on their own. There is one particular form of online reputation management that entrepreneurs need to perform. This is providing constant updates. People who are constantly updating their websites are much more likely to be successful at online reputation management. However, there are some people who just keep a static business. As a result, a bad review could do a lot more damage. This is why it is important to continue to update the site.

One good thing to do is to make sure that the content that is provided is optimized for search engines. When content ranks highly on search results for the given keywords, then it will help the business of the individual. While the content is to be positive in nature, it does help to be honest in order to maintain trust. One thing that customers trust is a business that admits its mistakes and makes efforts to correct itself. The one thing that should be avoided when it comes to providing optimized content is keyword stuffing. Search engines will penalize that kind of activity.

There are times when someone’s online reputation gets hit so badly that he is going to need the help of professionals. This is where comes in. can clean up any online reputation and is relatively new in the industry of online reputation management. However, it is filled with plenty of professionals that know how to provide optimized content that will rank high on search engines like Google. As a result, the bad reviews of the company will be knocked off of the front page and replaced with good news. As always, it is better to take a proactive approach to online reputation management as opposed to merely reacting to attacks. Follow Search Cleanup on Facebook to learn more about their services.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Brings Top Beauty Surgery to Austin

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Dr. Jennifer Walden has returned to her hometown of Austin, bringing her skills as one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the U.S. After training with some of the best beauty surgeons in New York City and having a successful practice there, she has come back to Austin. A member of the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, an award-winning surgeon and a published author, Dr. Walton is a calm and relaxed physician, giving her patients the time and attention they need as they discuss their concerns with her.

Dr. Jennifer Walden made the decision to specialize in plastic surgery because of its creativity and artistry, combined with being able to see results immediately. Following her work in the plastic surgery program at the University of Texas in Galveston, she moved into a post-residency fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital as one of only two fellows accepted that year. Dr. Walden stayed in Manhattan for eight years, establishing her own very successful practice.

That all changed when she decided that motherhood was in her future. Opting for in-vitro fertilization, Dr. Walden gave birth to her twin boys, Rex and Houston, in November 2010. With the birth came her decision to return to Austin, bringing her sons home to family.

It meant starting all over again. With the help of her mother, family members, and nannies, Dr. Walden moved forward, reestablishing her practice. It took less than three years for the practice to grow beyond expectations. She is thrilled to be working at Westlake Medical Center where she can do 99 percent of her own surgeries in her own operating room, just a short 15 feet away from her office.

Dr. Walden hopes that her story is an inspiration to young women who are considering careers in business or medicine. She mentors female pre-med students, telling them they have not chosen an easy path. But with thought, organization, preparation and a support system, they too can be successful in medicine, business, and motherhood.

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How Susan McGalla has been an Inspiration to Women

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As a successful business woman, Susan McGalla is helping women strive to rise high in their perspective fields. Susan uses her strong beliefs in working hard and efficiently taking use of her skill set to reach goals she makes in both her personal and professional life. In addition, her pride towards her work and her knowledge that nothing is given to one on a silver platter has helped her perform in admiral ways in the business world on Due to this, many women, both amateurs and professionals, have viewed Susan as a role model and followed her work ethics to success.

With unequal pay and inequality still in the back of societies’ minds, it is still a difficult manner for some manner to tackle their career goals; however, when turning to Susan’s triumphant story, many women are able to find hope towards bettering their futures. Susan, a business woman who founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers, began her career at Joseph Horne Company. Susan McGalla spent her first eight working years there, from 1986 to 1994, but eventually moved on to the clothing store American Eagle Outfitters. For years she gifted American Eagle Outfitters with her rich work ethic and the company rewarded her with the title of President and CMO of their flagship American Eagle brand. Susan McGalla later became the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the entire company. Nonetheless, on her own terms, she choose to leave the company to begin her own private consulting business. However, before she could do this, she was tracked down by Wet Seal who begged her to take the position as their CEO. Though she accepted in 2011, she was soon leaving the company to work as a consulting expert.

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Susan’s story, one of powerful growth and determination, continues to inspire many women as they pursue their fields of interest. Watching how Susan McGalla took her initial skills in fashion and transformed them into consulting skills for financial investment and retail industries, has given many women the courage to overcome their obstacles.

Now, thanks to women like Susan, boardrooms are filled with both women and men who work together to create success. This comes from the women who take their talents and ethics and use them to climb their ways to the top. In all, Susan has inspired many women to make a difference in their own lives. See:

Dallas Based Securus Technologies Outs Competitor Global Tel Link For Fraud

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Dallas-based Securus Technologies announced that it would be releasing a series of reports highlighting security breaches and fraud committed by its competitor Global Tel Link.

According to an investigation conducted by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC), Global Tel Link has engaged in a pattern and practice of bilking customers out of money and intentionally committing widespread fraud for nearly two decades.

Securus CEO Rick Smith made it clear that he is unhappy with the recent reports, and he will do whatever it takes to shame GTL into behaving above board. “We need to have accountability in our industry,” said Smith. “This entire incident puts a black eye on what we do, and we don’t need that.

The LPSC has outlined many issues involving GTL. “People have been complaining about this company for years,” said a prison insider. Some of the worst violations include unlawfully double billing customers for a single call, the illegal practice of clock advancing, illegally adding on packages not requested by the customer and ignoring rate caps sanctioned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The violations were purposeful and mean to defraud customers, according to an FCC official. The worst part about what Securus did is defraud customers who are poor. “The took advantage of individuals who are the least likely to afford it,” said the official.

Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged by millions of dollars.

Smith said he is intent on helping the industry maintain its integrity. If that means putting companies like GTL on the hot seat then so be it.

Securus Technologies is one of the largest law enforcement technology companies in the world. They serve over 4,500 locales world wide. Securus recently launched its state-of-the-art video chat service, which allows prisoners and their loved ones to link up without visiting the correctional facility in person.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.