How White Shark Media uses Complaints as Opportunities for Growth

White Shark Media is an online media management company who cares about the client support they provide. When this management company receives poor reviews or complaints from clients they use them as opportunities for growth. In this manner the company can learn to create more user-friendly systems to help their clients. White Shark Media works […]

Urbana’s Tweets Speak More Than the Eye Sees

Jon Urbana is a former lacrosse player as well as an entrepreneur with a dedicated Slideshare following. Jon Urbana is the co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camp is held once a year by a lacrosse staff in Colorado that includes founder Jon Urbana. Jon is also the head of business development at a […]

Visit London Like A Seasoned Traveller

Travelers who want to sample the flavor of a distant world have many choices. There is Paris, France home of the Eiffel Tower, where, unfortunately, they speak French. How about Berlin, Germany home to Oktoberfest and the Brandenburg Gate. Only problem is they speak German. Rome, Italy home to the Coliseum and pasta, but they […]

Who Is The Best Impersonator?

There are a variety of impersonators in the world who are bringing so much joy to those who want to see their favorite celebrities without ever having to spend a huge amount of cash. Concerts, live shows, and meet and greets are oftentimes very expensive, and when a famous celebrity passes on, it’s through the […]

Madison Street Capital, the International Banking Experts

  Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has international operations whose engagements are in providing quality serves. The service offered by this firm include merger and acquisition, provision of financial opinions, corporate advisory services in the area of finance, and valuation services for businesses. Through the services they offer, the company helps […]